LEDES1998B Posted Bill Export Utility

What can you do with the LEDES1998B Posted Bill Export Utility that you can't do with JurisBx?


The LEDES1998B Posted Bill Export Utility requires Access 2000 or newer and a Juris 2.X database.


LEDES1998B.zip (105 KB) Download and save to your computer. Be sure to extract (unzip) the file (LEDES1998.mde) before using. Do not use the file from a compressed (zipped) folder.

Before you use this report, you must link the tables to your Juris database.

  1. Open the report and from the menu bar, go to Tools >> Database Utilities >> Linked Table Manager
  2. Select All, make sure "Always prompt for new location" is checked, and click Okay.
  3. The Select Data Source dialog will open. Click on the Machine Data Source tab and find the Juris Data ODBC connection.
  4. After all tables have been successfully linked, click on Close.

Screen Shots

There are numerous screen shots on the online help page.

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